Vocab in Context

The Sentence Completions section of the SAT asks students to determine the meaning of a word in a given context.  So, why study for the test by flipping through hundreds of flaImagesh cards at breakneck speed?  Pretty soon they begin to look like a blur: mitigated, malignant, militant, mollified, mortified, mellifluous…

Why not prepare for this section by studying vocabulary in context?  Even better: create your own context.  Vocabulary.com has great word lists compiled by subject.  You can either pick words at random, or pick a few that fit a theme.  Put them together into a short paragraph of your own making!  Here’s mine:    

My chosen word list: presumption, trajectory, catalyst, rote, pitch

I had my presumptions going in.  New school, new town, new friends: who knew the trajectory this path would take?  As I got off the bus on that first day, almost nostalgic for the rote reality of my former life, I practically had to pitch myself forward down those steep steps.  I never would have believed you if you had told me what a catalyst for change this new place would be.

Go for it!


2 thoughts on “Vocab in Context

  1. I love it. This is what kids who learn to read and write early do on their own (or with help or nudging from parents): playing with words and language, not boring themselves to death with memorization. I haven’t gone to Vocabulary.com yet, but now I will!

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