Summer of Writing

It’s getting warm, school is winding down, and it is a great time to… work on your writing!  The romance and beauty of summer have inspired many writers, and you could be one of them!  Over these next hot months its almost too much to ask to just sit by the pool and slowly scribble in a journal.  

Here is what I wrote, as a sophomore in college in Ojai, on the very first page of my writing journal:

“I am sitting at the beach.  The sun is shining, a breeze is blowing, and I am writing in my journal.  This is my first entry in my new journal.  I wonder what I’ll write.  

I love the way the clouds spread out, running parallel to the earth.  They limit the upward view, so boundless otherwise.  Likewise, mountains limit the sideways view, boundless also not for lack of end but lack of definition.

The trees up on the mountain look huge from here!  They seem to be in their own world.  I’ve noticed that before.  Because they’re so far away, but yet so visible, you could say mountains are a peak into another world. HAHAHA!!!

I have nothing to say about the sea.  It’s all divided up.  Can it be thought about?”


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