College Readiness

According to theImage College Board, the SAT measures “college readiness.”  Here are some ways in which the SAT is a good measure of a student’s ability to thrive among those lectures halls and dorm rooms:

Converging Concepts

Unlike in high school, where teachers give quizzes and tests that reflect material just covered, the SAT asks you to pull skills from many disciplines.  In college, you are asked to synthesize information on your own and come to meaningful conclusions.

Fast, analytical reading

The SAT asks you to read as many as 5 passages and answer up to 35 questions about them in only 20 minutes.  This skill will come in handy in completing those chunky college reading assignments.

Intrinsic motivation

If you can keep yourself motivated through 3 hours and 45 minutes of critical reading, math, logic, and grammar, you will be able to benefit from a long lecture or write a 10-paged paper overnight.



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