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SAT and PSAT Preparation

This course teaches both sections of the SAT, focusing on a slow and steady approach to the test. Taking dozens of practice tests will only cement bad habits such as skimming and guessing. Breaking down the test and working on specific skills slowly to improve good strategy use ensures a higher, more consistent score in the long term. Critical reading lessons focus on active reading and logic-based question strategies. Math lessons focus on time-saving strategies and content review. The writing section teaches strategies in grammar and usage, and the essay section develops idea creation, structure and grammar use.

Private School Entrance Exams

Private and parochial schools typically ask students to take the SSAT, ISEE or HSPT. These tests are similar, but with some important differences. This course offers preparation in one or more of these tests. We will review strategies for each section of the test and conduct content review as needed.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Getting a high score on the AP exam means college credits and the chance to focus on your area of interest. Also, these tests are very attractive to college admissions counselors, as they show a student’s ability to succeed at the college level. We will prepare you for all aspects of the test, including multiple choice and essay questions. Subjects include: Art History, English Language, English Literature, German Language and Culture, and Music Theory.


Writing can be one of the most rewarding – and difficult – academic activities. Who doesn’t know the fear and self doubt that haunts a blinking cursor and a blank computer screen? Who hasn’t sat down to write an essay and thought, “What do I write about? How do I start?” Writing is a personal process, so it requires one-on-one help. This course develops all of the aspects of essay writing, from deciphering the assignment, gathering information, and generating ideas to building vocabulary, finding an appropriate structure, and perfecting grammar.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP)

The extended essay is a critical part of the IB Diploma Programme.  We will work together to identify your area of interest, find the appropriate sources, form the structure of your essay, and perfect the final draft.


Choosing and applying to high school or college can be an overwhelming undertaking. We will work on finding the right range of schools, gathering neccesary materials, and composing essays.

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