Encourage a hobby, inspire a passion

Students need teachers to help them develop their interests. Sometimes, what begins as merely a hobby can turn into a passion. The teacher is the one who fans the flames and turns that burning ember into a forest fire!

We can inspire students to pursue their interests with more gusto:

Tutor: Ask open-ended questions that help students to identify their interests.

Teacher: Assign work that helps students make connections between schoolwork and their extra-curricular activities.

Mentor: Give students an idea of the careers that are available in their field.

Coach: Challenge students to try for the next level of achievement, testing their commitment – and perhaps fueling a passion!


Look to Write


This exercise is included in Looking to Write, Writing to Look, a teaching kit developed by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Division of Education.  

Tina Modotti, Woman of Tehuantepec, c. 1929

 Let’s Look:

 What shapes and patterns do you see in this photograph?

From what angle was this photograph taken? How does that affect the picture?

 Let’s Look Again:

 What might this woman be thinking and feeling? What makes you say that?

Imagine the rest of the scene around the woman. What is her story? 

Real Life Opera

Real Life Opera

Having a hard time coming back from the long weekend?  This opera singer returned to the stage after receiving two lung transplants!

Oksana Baiul becomes the swan from Camille Saint-Seans’ Carnival of the Animals.

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